Premium cocoa infused with wild harvested Alaskan chaga

Premium cocoa infused with wild harvested Alaskan chaga

A twist on the warm and traditional chocolatey favorite loved by people of all ages throughout the world

Last Frontier Hot Chagalate has developed a truly proprietary way to enjoy this amazing mushroom by combining naturally foraged chaga with the timeless and deliciously satisfying classic. Made with just a handful of ingredients that can typically be found in the common kitchen, this comforting beverage is simply too easy to enjoy.

What is chaga?

Chaga is a naturally occurring fungus that grows primarily on birch trees in cold northern climates such as Siberia, Russia, parts of Eastern Europe, and North America. These mushrooms have a distinctive appearance and are easily recognizable by their hard, black crust that protrudes from deep within the bark, and their rusty brown interior when split open. Chaga’s irregularly shaped masses (referred to as “conks”) can range from just a few inches in size to over a foot in diameter.

Is chaga healthy for you?

Boasting titles like “Natures Gold” and “Diamond of the Forest,” chaga is the strongest naturally occurring antioxidant on the planet. Widely known for their rich nutritional content, these mushrooms are loaded with vitamins and minerals and have been used in traditional medicine for millennia. While offering a myriad of health benefits including immune support, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant protection, chaga is highly sought after for its ability to promote longevity and overall health and well-being.

Is chaga safe for everybody?

While chaga mushrooms are generally considered safe for most people when consumed in moderate amounts, some individuals may experience allergic reactions or digestive upset. Those with underlying health conditions and/or those who are currently taking medications for autoimmune or bleeding disorders, diabetes, mushroom allergies, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and organ transplant recipients should consult with their healthcare provider before adding chaga to their diet.

What does chaga taste like?

Harvested by first removing from birch trees before then being dried and processed into powder, chaga is most commonly consumed through teas or tinctures. Earthy, woody, and slightly bitter, some individuals find the flavor too strong and intense to consume. For this reason, honey or syrup is often added as sweetener to make it more palatable.

“I recently had the opportunity to try Last Frontier Hot Chagalate. The first cup I mixed with water, then my second cup with milk. The milk was by far my favorite! The taste is excellent.”

Renee T.

“Last Frontier Hot Chagalate makes an awesome blend of cocoa and chaga flavors! I encourage you to try this product.”

Josh P.

“We love Hot Chagalate! It is rich, robust and full of flavor without any bitter chaga taste. We didn’t even use milk, just water, and it was so smooth!”

Jeremiah & Katherine

“Absolutely delicious! Our family couldn’t get enough of Last Frontier Hot Chagalate! Tastes like the best hot chocolate with a hint of Alaska. Full chocolate flavor with subtle earthy undertones. A perfect combination!”

Equangela L.

“My husband roasts coffee and I added Hot Chagalate with his Columbian blend, and stirred in some cream and little marshmallows. Super delicious! The chaga adds a spicy flavor. Yummy for a chilly Alaskan morning!”

Anna O.

“It truly is the best-tasting hot chocolate I’ve ever had. The finely ground chaga in Last Frontier Hot Chagalate is light in flavor, giving it a delicious and rich sweetness. We highly recommend!”

Nate & Annie

“The rich, velvety texture of the chocolate perfectly balances with the subtle, earthy undertones of the chaga, creating a uniquely delightful experience that isn’t overly sweet.”

Sophie F.

“Last Frontier Hot Chagalate is SO good! My husband is not normally a hot chocolate fan, but he drank two mugs the first night we got it. I put a little in my coffee the next morning, and love it that way too – chaga chocolate coffee!”

David & Cindy

“I love this product! It is rich and flavorful, and mixes easily. I used water to test the quality and am very satisfied with it. I would buy Last Frontier Hot Chagalate again!”

Connie B.

“What an amazing new nutritious hot drink! Hot Chagalate tastes just like hot chocolate! Drinking it with milk instead of water is even more delicious. We added whipped cream for a special treat!”

Kris & Ellen